3 Jul

Instead of admitting the fact that the segregation and differentiation of the sexes is the cause of most of our marital unhappiness, we console ourselves with idle proverbs such as “True love never runs smoothly,” or “Man cannot live with and cannot live without woman.” Indeed, the antipathies between the sexes are so much taken for granted that most writers on sex regard them as instinctive. It is not only more correct but also more fruitful to regard these differences as merely products of early savage segregation of the sexes due to superstition and later segregation due to the patriarchal property rights which man possessed over woman. An examination of most of the bad traits which are found in women and not men, and vice versa, will lead us back to the patriarchal family. Woman’s cowardice, poor sportsmanship, lack of nobility, invidious love of display, gossiping, infantilism, conservatism, economic irresponsibility, and sexual prudery can all be traced to the harem. And man’s excessive masterfulness, conceit, and monopoly of the power and interesting work of the world are likewise a survival of patriarchal society.Fortunately the old order is breaking down, but this is taking place more slowly than it should, partly because of the resistance of the very men and women who have been injured the most by the old regime, and partly because of economic conditions and general inertia. Women have made great strides in the last quarter of a century in acquiring some of the rights of men, though their readiness to take on men’s duties has not been so conspicuous. The possession by women of the liberties of men while at the same time being left unrestrained because of the immunities which their sex i enjoys is rather trying but must be regarded as merely transitional. Although we have a long way yet to go, men and women are in a better position to be genuine companions today than ever before.*101\275\8*

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