29 Jun

” I have no time”. You can certainly spare 20 minutes, thrice a week.”I’m too old”. That’s not true. You’re never too old to exercise.”I’m on my feet all day. I don’t need any more exercise”. Unfortunately, just being ‘on your feet’ is not enough exercise for anyone. You need to walk or exercise for some time continuously for it to be effective.”I’m exercising enough”. This statement is unfortunately not true for most people. What you think is enough may not be so. Also you may not be regular enough.”/ find exercising too boring”. This need not be so. Find an exercise you like. Vary your schedule. It is not important what sort of exercise you do, as long as you do something.”I’m not the sporting type”. A common misconception. Exercise does not mean being an athlete, or good at games. Any form of exercise is acceptable and as good as any other.”I find exercising too strenous”. You are probably doing it wrong. You don’t have to huff and puff and drip with sweat for exercise to be good for you. A gentle, but regular exercise schedule is almost as effective as a vigorous one.”I used to exercise, but now I can’t keep it up”. Why not? Maybe you did not like the form of exercise you were doing. Perhaps you just need a little nudge to get you started again. Let reading this give you that inspiration.”It’s too expensive”. That depends on what form of exercise you choose. While golf or an expensive health club can be costly, walking costs nothing.”It could be dangerous”. This is not true for most people. However, if patients having pre-existing heart disease start exercising suddenly at high work-loads, then it can certainly be dangerous. If you have high blood pressure, a family history of heart disease, or chest pain when exercising, it would be prudent to consult a cardiologist before commencing an exercise schedule.*96\254\8*

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