17 May

Memory problems are a well known symptom of heavy metal poisoning. Many of us are exposed to unsafe levels of these metals, particularly mercury, which is a food contaminant. There may be many more people suffering the toxic effects of heavy metal poisoning than we now recognize. Do you have any of these memory problems?Do you regularly have trouble recalling the names of people you knew last year?Do you misplace things more often than you used to?Do you ever forget the name of a familiar household object?Before reading this, had you already noticed any problem with your memory?Has a work associate, friend or family member pointed out memory problems to you in the last month?Have you recently felt that you are not quite as alert as you used to be?Have you had in the last month two embarrassing incidents where you forgot something important?If you answered “yes” to these questions, and “yes” to several of the risk factors listed earlier, it is possible that you might be suffering from a toxic accumulation of heavy metals.*55\242\2*

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