30 Mar

Persons with epilepsy should be aware of and obey the local regulations affecting their driving. Failure to follow regulations may result in accidents. Accidents occurring when the driver’s epilepsy is unreported, even if unrelated to a seizure, can result in problems with insurance coverage. Check with your physician and your motor vehicle administration for applicable regulations. The most common regulation is that the individual be seizure-free for a designated period of time before driving. All of these time periods are arbitrary. Studies show that a person who is seizure-free for three months has an 85 percent chance of remaining seizure-free the next year. Based on these studies we recommend that the regulations be changed to a three-month waiting period.

Seizures that are a result of changes in medication at a physician’s direction should not necessarily limit driving privileges. If you had a seizure while your physician was decreasing your medicine, resumption of your previous dosage should re-establish seizure control and you should be able to continue to drive.

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