9 Feb

When a child learns to write A, B, C, D etc. he is taught to move the fingers in a particular way to write these letters. Later on the child begins to write sentences and is still using the conscious brain to carry out this voluntary activity. After a few years of training, the writing skill is developed and it becomes automatic. The thoughts are transferred into written words almost unconsciously. This skill is developed. All skills are intuitive by nature and are borderline with the subconscious brain. Similar things happen with typing when the fingers automatically ‘know’ where the letters are on the keyboard. Driving is a skill and the footwork on the brake and accelerator become automatically controlled. Most people drive with minimum concentration and active use of the conscious brain. They talk on the mobile phone, or to their companions, listen to music etc and drive subconsciously. The visual response and judgement of speed or distance between cars is almost automatic. It is scary to think that driving skill is mostly controlled on the fringe of the subconscious brain.

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