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The World Health Organization defines a drug as any chemical used for therapeutic purposes. It follows that essences provided by homoeopaths, nutrients purveyed by dietitians or herbs dispensed by the practitioner of herbal medicine are just as much drugs as the chemicals prescribed by a doctor. Drugs are shrouded in the mystery of being “natural”, there is absolutely no reason to suspend common sense or withhold an appropriate series of questions in relation to adverse effects, drug interactions and even their therapeutic mode of action.
Drug Withdrawal
Drug withdrawal occurs when a drug of dependence is abruptly ceased. Sometimes a reduction in dose produces the same symptoms. The effects of drug withdrawal are exactly the opposite of the drugs therapeutic effects. Heroin withdrawal causes anxiety, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and tremor.
Contrary to popular belief heroin withdrawal is neither dangerous nor fatal. The effects are simply unpleasant.

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