15 May

Women who do not smoke have a lower risk at all ages. Those who do smoke have a higher risk.”

The young, non-smoking woman who uses the Pill to “space” her family has no reason to be alarmed. Older women, those over 30 and particularly smokers may consider a different method of contraception.

Many women, to avoid the risks associated with taking the Pill, are having their tubes tied. But this may lead to heavy and more frequent periods after a number of years and require a hysterectomy or removal of the womb.

The older methods of contraception, such as the diaphragm and the condom, both used in combination with a spermicidal cream, are becoming more popular. Vasectomy, or male sterilisation, may be more commonly sought by couples where there are so many complications when the woman assumes the responsibility.

Reversal of tubal ligation and vasectomy is possible but fertility may not return, particularly when the reversal is attempted a number of years after the original sterilisation.


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