18 May

The working-through process also involves reiearning what it is like to be ‘normal’. We lose sight of what it is like to be ‘normal’, and it is not unusual for people to interpret ‘normalcy’ as a setback! It isn’t, we just have to relearn.

This means reiearning to have a ‘normal’ bad day without reacting with fear that ‘it is all coming back’. Returning to ‘normal’ means we will have bad days, just like everyone else.

We will probably have days when we feel unwell. It doesn’t mean a return of the disorder—it means we are feeling unwell. We need to make sure we are eating properly and getting enough sleep. If not, we will feel tired and irritable just like everyone does when they neglect themselves.

Recovery is worth every step. At times the working-through process is difficult. Don’t lose sight of the overall picture which can be changed from one of fear and anxiety to one of clarity and freedom.


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