9 Apr

Impaired skin functions can have extremely detrimental consequences. When you do not perspire enough you should frequently drink an infusion of elder flowers, peppermint and lovage; you can take them either in alternation or as a mixed herb tea. In addition, it is recommended to take a weekly sauna over an extended period.

Certain parts of the body can sweat excessively, for example the hands, feet and armpits. Is there anything one can do about this condition? Yes there is; you can stimulate the kidneys with a good kidney tea containing Solidago (goldenrod), and Nepbrosolid kidney drops. The skin, the so-called ‘third kidney’, will be relieved as soon as the kidneys themselves have been activated. Additionally, in accordance with the method of the ancient Chinese, take sage tea or Salvia drops (made from fresh sage) regularly. If the perspiration, especially under the arms, has an unpleasant smell, the best external remedy is Hamamelis Soap, which contains witch hazel and thyme, and is an excellent means of supporting the treatment with sage drops or tea. Daily washing with Hamamelis Soap followed by the application of Bioforce Cream has also proved successful in cases of feet that sweat excessively.


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