7 Apr

Don’t start this program until you are getting adequate rest and sleep.

To make the program easier to stick to, each meal option has its own specific recipe. You must use the low or negligible salicylate and amine options for at least the first four weeks.

Cheese, dried fruit, grapes, bananas and melons must not be eaten. All other fruit must be excluded for four weeks. Milk must be excluded for six weeks. Pregnant women and international flight crew are to stay on fruit (but no melons, bananas or grapes).

Immediately on rising, before doing anything else, drink the appropriate number of glasses of clean water. Wait 0,5-1 hour before eating breakfast. See the tables for appropriate water consumption laid down in the Metabolism-Balancing Program. Tap and soda water, although acceptable on the Metabolism-Balancing Program, are not acceptable on the Anti-Candida Program, unless they have been thoroughly filtered. Drink another glassful 1-1,5 hours after breakfast.

The adding of glucose to the water, which is acceptable on the Metabolism-Balancing Program, isn’t acceptable on the Anti-Candida Program. This program’s prime objective is to starve as many Candida yeast plants as possible, and these plants can draw sustenance from glucose. By the time you start the Anti-Candida Program, your body will be used to the increased fluid intake which began on the Metabolism-Balancing Program, so the glucose won’t be as necessary.

Drink only fresh spring water (home-delivered) or mineral water from a recognised spa. Commercially made mineral waters are derived from tap water. Try to get ten to fifteen minutes’ deep breathing exercises done between the drinking of the water and breakfast.

Many Candida sufferers are chemically sensitive and find that the vaporised chlorine of a hot shower can aggravate their symptoms. Make sure the air extractor is on or the window is open, and run the hot shower for two to three minutes before getting in. This will clear the chlorine vapour that’s released with the initial burst of hot water. Many people blame what they ate for breakfast for the symptoms caused by their morning shower.

While on this program it pays to shower before breakfast. While in the shower rinse the Nystatin powder around your mouth, swallowing it bit by bit. Use the early morning water to wash down the Lactobacillus acidophilus capsules and, if you arc using them, the Nystatin and garlic capsules/tablets. If using Nystatin powder, use a little water to help dilute it and rinse it around your mouth before using the rest to wash it down.


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