2 Apr

Someone who is already suffering from back trouble may find it best to wear clothes which can be put on and taken off without much bending or arm raising. Gadgets are available to help spinal sufferers with putting on difficult garments such as tights, socks and shoes. When bending down to tie shoe laces causes a problem, this can be solved, by sitting on a chair with a supportive back, and bending the hip and knee to bring the foot up to within reach – that is, using hip and knee movement instead of back movement. Your occupational therapist will offer helpful advice.

Standing-For a correct stance, lift the top of your head keeping your chin tucked in. As well as standing tall, you should stand relaxed. Standing still for a long period can be uncomfortable for someone not used to it, and it is then easy to sag, so increasing the fatiguing effect by straining the muscles. However, except for soldiers on parade, standing still is rarely necessary. Mostly, we are free to look about, move our hands and shift from one foot to another, and so any given stance is seldom maintained for long. Consciously pulling in your abdomen is helpful.

One remedy for postural stress is to change position. If you cannot, and the job calls for work with one hand only, use the other hand to lean on. When you use both hands and are standing at a work bench, table or sink, ideally you should be able to rest your pelvis or stomach against it, with one foot forward in line with your hands, so that you have a balanced posture.


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