7 Apr

Although the B vitamins are water soluble it is still possible to overdose on them. Most research done on B vitamin overdose has been in relation to a single B vitamin taken by itself and has led to inaccurate results and consequent scaremongering by some researchers. Massive doses of a single B vitamin (1000 mg and upwards—Formula Six contains only 50 mg) can cause toxicity in some people because the single B vitamin doesn’t have its fellow B vitamins, vitamin C and the minerals to balance it and influence its action. It is for this reason that nature always includes more than one vitamin and mineral in a given food.

Therefore, taking tablets with one vitamin only in them is not recommended. For example, women who take vitamin B6 only, for premenstrual tension and fluid retention, are in danger of overloading their bodies with this vitamin and developing an adverse reaction to it if they continue this practice on a long-term basis. Whereas those who take vitamin B6 in conjunction with all the other B vitamins and all the minerals will not develop an adverse reaction unless, of course, they are allergic to the binders and fillers in the vitamin tablets.

Formula Six obeys a vital law of nature which states that all nutrients must be taken together and in correct ratios. Examples of the principle of balance abound everywhere in nature. Oxygen is a prime example. We know that oxygen is essential for the maintenance of life and that if the cells of the body are deprived of oxygen for a few seconds they begin to die. However, too much oxygen can be detrimental to life and for this reason nature has balanced the oxygen in the air we breath with another gas—nitrogen. In fact oxygen makes up only 20 per cent of the air we breath, the other 80 per cent is nitrogen and if the levels of oxygen in the air creep above 20 per cent problems of toxicity begin with symptoms of chest pain, nausea, vomiting, malaise, fatigue, numbness and tingling of the fingers and toes. If the oxygen levels increase further the alveoli cells of the lungs will become so overloaded they will collapse and die just as they would wither and die if they were receiving too little oxygen (suffocation). Should oxygen levels in a premature baby’s incubator climb above 40 per cent the baby will develop retrolental fibroplasia, a condition which will cause it to go blind. Small amounts of hydrogen gas can cause severe acidity in the body but combined with oxygen in the correct ratio it provides US with life-sustaining water. Chlorine is a poisonous gas yet combined with sodium provides us with common salt.

We can therefore see that even the most essential life-sustaining elements of this earth can be toxic unless they are balanced in the correct ratio with other elements … and so it is with vitamins and minerals. Don’t be deterred from taking vitamin and mineral supplements by those who are trying to build a case against them, because the same convincing case could be built against oxygen if nitrogen was never mentioned.

Formula Six saves you the effort of trying to balance your vitamins and minerals in their correct ratios which you would have to do if you were taking them in a single tablet form.


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