7 Apr

Crash diets, fasts and mono fad diets are so dangerous they deserve special attention. Many cases of arthritis, diabetes, allergies and cancer I have treated include a history of crash dieting. As well as creating severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the attendant metabolic imbalances which follow, these diets release large quantities of toxic chemicals, particularly DDT, into the bloodstream. Nature in her wisdom stores the DDT we ingest from fruits and vegetables and the chemicals from refined, processed foods in the fat of our bodies where they can do the least harm to our bodies.

Fasts and crash diets cause sudden fat and lean tissue loss which, in turn, suddenly liberates DDT and the other chemicals into the blood in large quantities. Because there is a dearth of vitamins and minerals in the blood of the crash dieter the toxic chemicals are not neutralised and can therefore irritate the delicate tissues of the kidneys, urinary tract, brain, liver and, of course, the white blood cells. The latter giving rise to allergies in those genetically predisposed.


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