9 Apr

I might add here that Ginkgo biloba tincture, made from the fresh leaves is stronger and more convenient to use than the tea prepared from an infusion of dried leaves.

A lady in Bremen, Germany, had a similar experience to the one recounted above:

‘I have been suffering from insufficient blood supply to the brain since my youth. It has caused me a great deal of anxiety, even an inferiority complex and lots of tears. As soon as I learned about Ginkgo biloba I went to get it from our local pharmacy, which stocks your remedies. That was three weeks ago, and I already notice that I can think better and more clearly and my memory, indeed my general health, has improved. I feel happy again.’

Ginkgo biloba is also indicated in cases of concussion. As soon as the patient feels better and has recovered, the remedy should be taken to stimulate blood supply to the brain. Pain and complications in the legs caused by menstrual problems can be eased if Ginkgo biloba is taken in alternation with Vinca minor. It is recommended to take the first remedy early in the morning one day and the second one the next day, and so forth. Doing so will improve the circulation right down to the finest capillaries.


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