2 Apr

Physiotherapists are trained to administer several sorts of treatment which depend on the use of different types of electrical or electronic apparatus. Many people have found these therapies beneficial in relieving pain, though the effect is in some cases short-lived.

Ultrasound-This is used in treating injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments, but not bones. Ultrasonic therapy uses the energy of sound waves at very high frequencies, inaudible to human beings. The waves are applied to the affected area through a special apparatus. They penetrate the skin painlessly, and help to relax muscular spasm, and reduce swelling and relieve pain; they also promote healing in the tissues.

Short-wave and microwave diathermy-This is a method of relieving pain and stiffness in the deep tissues by applying high-frequency electromagnetic waves which cause heat in the tissues. Short-wave treatment affects deeper tissues than microwave. It is claimed to increase blood flow and to promote the body’s repairing processes. Breakdown products are more quickly removed and healing substances more rapidly delivered.


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