27 Mar

There are specific instances where one erection pill will be preferable over the other; sometimes one drug is incompatible with a medication currently being used. Consider the story of Jake, a fifty-three-year-old carpenter with coronary artery disease.

For five years, Jake had been taking long-lasting sublingual nitroglycerin daily. He knew he would be taking the pills for the rest of his life. But, overall, he was in fine health. His job kept him physically active, he was careful about his diet, and he avoided as much stress as he could. But he did have one very significant blight in his life—his life-saving medication was contributing to the gradual loss of firm erections. When he heard about a Viagra trial being conducted at a local clinic, he immediately volunteered.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t a suitable candidate. The study coordinator informed him that since he was using a nitrate medication and couldn’t switch to another medicine, he had to be barred from the study. Jake fit the sole exclusionary criterion for Viagra: anyone taking a nitrate-based drug cannot use Viagra. In combination with nitrates, the ED pill can produce a host of serious adverse effects in some individuals.

Luckily, a nurse told him that other oral medications were being developed and tested, and eventually he ended up in my office as part of the Vasomax trials. He was enormously relieved to find out that Vasomax has no known negative interaction with drugs, including the one he was taking.

Jake had a very positive response to Vasomax. He told me, “Having a heart condition doesn’t limit me in any way. I feel—and act—ten years younger. This is the best thing that could have happened to me.”

The fact that Jake took good care of himself helped him a lot. And the same holds true for all men. That’s why I developed my virility-enhancement program to make you look, feel, and perform better.


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