30 Mar

If you are very severely affected by multiple sensitivity, reaching a balance in your life may mean major changes and upheavals – giving up things that you enjoy, changing things that you do. You will inevitably have to make compromises in order to make a living or meet the requirements of your job or home life.

It is easy to become very isolated and confined if your life is restricted by your sensitivities, particularly if you cannot go out or mix easily with other people. Support and counselling can help: ask your doctor, or contact an allergy charity or support group. Some of these have telephone networks for people who are confined to home

If you can manage it, it also helps to develop interests or contacts outside your illness. So few people understand how severe multiple allergy and sensitivity can be that it becomes easier to mix only with people who understand, but this in itself can be confining and cut you off from the world. You may be better mixing more widely, even doing things that upset you, in order to stay in touch and lead as close to a normal life as possible. It can help to keep you happy and sane.


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