11 Mar

Well, you could always become a monk… except that this is hardly an acceptable technique!

Quite seriously, this brings up a most important problem; even if a serious cause for your headache has been ruled out, it is easy for a vicious circle to develop in which the pain associated with intercourse so puts you off sex that the next time you’re so anxious about it that you get a tension headache. And, because you had a tension headache that time, you get one the next time, through worrying about it – and the time after that and the time after that.

To prevent this vicious circle from developing you need to do two things: firstly, recognise that your headache isn’t life-threatening or serious, just painful. This will take at least some of the worry out of the situation. Secondly, start to treat the problem with whatever medical, alternative and self-help techniques are appropriate.

In true coital headache, it’s important to reassure yourself that the tendency to have headaches at intercourse lasts only for a short time, seldom occurs at each act of intercourse, and – most important – can be prevented with drugs. Just knowing that it is harmless, that it will eventually go, and that there are good medical treatments that can stop the headache starting, may all be enough to help you relax and minimise your headache.

True coital headache is not the same as tension headache and so relaxation techniques are unlikely lo be so important, although they may help a bit, especially if you’re getting wound up about the problem. On the other hand, because there is a relationship between true coital headaches and migraine, maintaining good control of your migraines may reduce the frequency of true coital headaches.


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