30 Mar

I Can Never Lose Weight

Failure to lose weight on a weight reduction or slimming diet is a common sign of food sensitivity, possibly due to fluid retention.

I Lose and Gain Weight Sharply

Some people with food sensitivity have very erratic weight patterns, with sudden sharp losses and swings in their weight. Some people are capable of gaining or losing several pounds overnight, or during a day. The reason for this is probably fluid gain or loss.

I Have Erratic Mood Swings

Sudden variability of temper and mood – highs and lows, and sudden anger or irritability – is a strong indicator of food sensitivity, although it is also linked to chemical sensitivity. People who become very animated or excitable after a meal, drink or snack (or children who become hyperactive), are often found to be sensitive to a food they have eaten. Sudden vagueness and distance, sudden swings into depression or moroseness also result.

My Symptoms Come and Go

Variability of symptoms is often a sign of food intolerance, rather than allergy. Capricious symptoms that often worsen for no apparent reason, or disappear, are a feature of the disorder.

I Feel Constantly Rotten and Exhausted

Feeling generally awful and always tired is a common sign of food intolerance. It often accompanies multiple food sensitivity although it can be caused by one food alone.


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