27 Mar

Recent research by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the internationally recognized ED expert, bears this out. When a man sits on that narrow seat, his entire body weight presses down on the cavernosal artery, the major blood pathway to the penis. Several hours in this position can lead to possible erection problems due to compression of the artery, as well as other blood vessels. According to Dr. Goldstein, it takes only 11 percent of a man’s weight to compress the artery when he’s sitting on an unpadded racing-style bike saddle.

If you are a regular bike rider and are experiencing numbness in your penis after a ride, you can halt—and reverse—any potential damage. One option is the recumbent bike. With its wide chair, all the rider’s body weight is supported by the sit bones, the bony protrusions of the pelvis. There are also new saddles available that take all pressure off the cavernosal artery. Some models have a wide hole running down the middle; others have a shorter nose. Both will protect you while you get the benefits of riding.

Taking care of the physical component of your life is vital if you want fulfilling sex, as is understanding the emotional underpinnings of your relationship. There is, however, one more part to the sexual fulfillment puzzle that you must be aware of if you are going to have the best sex of your life.


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